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This command changes the text color for the output of the button.

FORMAT: OUTPUT COLOR ( red_color , green_color , blue_color )


  • color: A red, green or blue color value 0->100 (RGB Color Code in percent).

You can use this website to see the color codes in percentage.


OUTPUT COLOR (100,0,0)

Changes the output color of the text to red.


$miss = count "Miss" where row = "SHOT"
$made = count "Made" where row = "SHOT"
show $made
IF ($made > $miss, output color (0,100,0) , output color (100,0,0))

Obtains the number of instances of the row "SHOT" containing the label "Miss" and use in the variable $miss. Does the same thing for the variable $made, but with the label "Made". Displays the $made variable using the SHOW command. If the result of $made is higher than the result of $miss, then the output color of the text is changed to green. Otherwise, the output color is changed to red.