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Use this command to obtain instances from specified timelines. Not using this command will default to use the front timeline.

FORMAT: "label_name" FROM "timeline_name1", "timeline_name2" or "label_name" FROM ALL TIMELINES


  • label_name: Quoted text specifying the label you wish to count in the front timeline or instances. (Can be grouped using OR, AND, NOT)
  • timeline_name: Name chosen when saving your timeline. Several can be defined by separating them with commas. Timelines should be open to run the script.


show count instances from all timelines where row = "Shot made"

Returns the total number of instances from all open timelines in the row "Shot made".


$pt3 = count "3pt" from "game1", "game2" where row = "Shot made"
$pt2 = count "2pt" from "game1, "game2" where row = "Shot made"
$total = $pt3*3 + $pt2*2
show $total

Obtains the number of instances from the row "Shot made" containing the label "3pt" from the timelines "game1" and "game2", then uses it in the variable $pt3. Does the same thing with the label "2pt". In the variable $total, we add the results recovered in the variable $pt3 and $pt2 by adding *3 and *2 to convert our result in terms of points scored in basketball. Then we display the result using the SHOW command.