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Use the AND command to apply several conditions to deepen your analysis. This command is commonly used inside other commands (see IF, COUNT...) and can be combined with "OR" and "NOT".

FORMAT: (label_name AND label_name) or (condition AND condition)


  • label_name: Quoted text specifying the label you wish to count in the front timeline or instances. (Can be grouped using OR, AND, NOT)
  • condition: A condition is most often used in the form "= text or number" but can also use the operators < > !=


$goal = count "GOAL" AND "FREE KICK" where row = "Messi"
show $goal

Counts the number of instances containing the label "GOAL" and the label "FREE KICK" in the row called "Messi" of the timeline. The result is stored in the $goal variable and then displayed using the SHOW command.


$goal = count "Ronaldo" where row = "GOAL" AND time > 10
show $goal

Obtains all the instances in the row "GOAL" that contains the label "Ronaldo" with a length longer than 10 seconds. Uses it in the variable $goal. Displays the result using the SHOW command.