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Select RGB Colors Using the Mac Digital Color Meter

The digital color meter built into your Mac measures and displays the color values of pixels displayed on your screen. This utility will allows you to quickly and easily find the RGB color percentage, and use it in Hudl Sportscode scripting.

  1. Press command + spacebar, then type "Digital Color Meter" and press return. This will open your Mac's digital color meter application.

  2. In the top menu bar select View > Display Values > as Percentage.

  3. Use the drop down to select Display in Adobe RGB.

    You can use any of the three RGB color spaces listed in the drop down menu.

  4. With all your settings in place, you can use your cursor to move around your computer screen. Note how the RGB percentage values adjust as you hover over different colors.

    Once you hover over the color you want, press Command + L to lock the RGB values. You can now freely move your cursor without losing the selected RGB values on the digital color meter.

    To choose a new color, press Command + L again to unlock the RGB values.

You can use the RGB % values within Hudl Sportscode scripting whenever you need a specific color, such as your team's home colors.

For example, in scripting:
button color (50,13,18)
will set the code window button to the red color displayed in the images above.