Common Workflows

Show the Last Actions from a Timeline Row
Count Actions that Occur in a Specified Time Range

Count the number of actions that happen in a given time range.

Add Time as a Label

Use scripting to add the current time as a label to coded instances, via activation link.

Dynamically Change Button Color using Scripted Variables

Use scripting to change the color of a button automatically, based off the percentage of success for identified actions.

Percentage of Ball Possession and a Bar to Represent It

See an example of how to use scripting to create a bar chart within a code window.

Change the Image Displayed, Dependent on the Name of a Button

See a step by step example of how to use scripting to change the image shown, depending on the name that another button is showing.

Do operations with the output of 2 different buttons

You will learn step by step how to do operations with the output of other buttons.

Count Actions Based on Active Buttons