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Common Workflows

Show the Last Actions from a Timeline Row
Count Actions that Occur in a Specified Time Range

Count the number of actions that happen in a given time range.

Add Time as a Label

Use scripting to add the current time as a label to coded instances, via activation link.

Dynamically Change Button Color using Scripted Variables

Use scripting to change the color of a button automatically, based off the percentage of success for identified actions.

Percentage of Ball Possession and a Bar to Represent It

See an example of how to use scripting to create a bar chart within a code window.

Change the Image Displayed, Dependent on the Name of a Button

See a step by step example of how to use scripting to change the image shown, depending on the name that another button is showing.

Perform an Operation with the Output of Two Buttons

Use our step-by-step instructions to perform an operation using the output of other buttons.

Count Actions Based on Active Buttons

Use scripting to count specific actions, based on the buttons that are active.

Select RGB Colors Using the Mac Digital Color Meter

Find the RGB color value of any color on your screen using Mac's built-in digital color meter.

Statistical Commands

Commands commonly used with the statistical window.