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Record and Share Presentations Remotely

This feature is available for Elite and Elite Review licenses.

  1. Click on the camera icon in the playlist toolbar, then select Record Full Screen...

    Alternatively, use the shortcut Ctrl+S.

  2. Select the audio input and choose your preferred settings for what you'd like to show in the screen recording. Options include: instance text, the effects toolbar, original video time, and mouse clicks.

  3. Click Start Recording.

    Hudl Sportscode will enter presentation mode. If an external display is connected, it will record your secondary screen.

  4. To pause and restart, utilize the controls in the menu bar or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+P.

  5. Click on the X to stop the recording.

    You can also stop the recording through the controls in the menu bar or by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+S.

  6. Once you’ve finished recording, choose where to save the video. Select Send to a New Playlist if you want to upload to your Hudl team library. Otherwise, select Save Recording... to save the video file to your computer.