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Add Drawing to Sorter

  1. Select the instance(s) in the timeline that you’d like to move to the sorter:

    • To select a single instance, click on it.
    • To select multiple instances, press the command key and click on each of the instances. You can also click and drag across a set of instances.
    • To select a range of rows, hold shift and select the first and last rows of the range.
  2. Click Sorter.

  3. Single-click an instance in the sorter to select it.

  4. Drag the orange playhead of the video player to the point where you would like to draw.

  5. Click on a shape icon to add that specific shape as an annotations.

    Double click on the shape to add more than one drawing of the same shape.

  6. Single-click on the video player to paste the shape in the default size or click and drag to adjust the shape to the desired size.

    You can also add text by selecting Aa.

  7. Click on a line icon to add that line as an annotation.

  8. Click and drag to draw the desired line.

  9. Once you have added your drawings, you can change the style to suits your needs.