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Export Video

  1. Open a Hudl Sportscode Package.

  2. Select the desired row(s) or instances.

  3. Click File > Export > Video.

    Alternatively, click on Export Video in the toolbar.

  4. First choose whether to export the Entire timeline or just Selected instances.

  5. Next, select one of the following from the dropdown:

    • Video package
    • Single video file
    • Video file for each instance
    • Video file for each row
  6. Finally, choose which angles you want to export. Click Next.

    If you select All, one video for each angle in the package will be exported to a folder on your desktop. If you select Visible, only the angle you are currently viewing will be exported.

  7. An Export window should appear with a status bar. Once the export is complete, you can share the .mov file.