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Combine Multiple Video Packages with Combine Timelines

A com­bined time­line will consolidate mul­ti­ple movie pack­ages into a sin­gle movie pack­age. It cre­ates a standalone movie pack­age that will include both your cod­ed instances and any uncod­ed por­tions of your time­line. Typically a com­bined time­line should be used to com­bine mul­ti­ple peri­ods of the same game. For projects across multiple events, utilizing databasing.

  1. Select File > Combine Timelines...

  2. Expand each package and hold down Cmd to select each timeline, then click Select.

  3. Reorder the timelines if you need (click and drag), then click Combine.

  4. Name the package and choose the save location. Click Save.

    Sometimes, Sportscode will default to saving a com­bined time­line inside of a movie pack­age, so be sure to select Desktop.