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Manipulating Video Files

Export Video

Export your time­line as a sin­gle .mov file to upload­ to online video plat­forms or shar­e with non-Hudl Sportscode users.

Export Instance Videos

Export video from Hudl Sportscode as an .mov file.

Export Instance Videos with Overlay Text

This tutorial provides a basic overview of how to export instance videos with overlay text.

Export a CSV File

View your Hudl Sportscode data as a .csv file to use in Numbers, Microsoft Excel, and more.

Add Video to an Existing Hudl Sportscode Package

Add video to an existing Hudl Sportscode package.

Export Selected Instances to Video Package

Send a selection of instances to a new movie package.

Combine Multiple Video Packages with Combine Timelines

Creating a com­bined time­line will consolidate mul­ti­ple movie pack­ages into a sin­gle, standalone movie pack­age.

Remove Deadtime

Remove uncoded video from your video package, allowing you to save storage space on your device.

Merge Overlapping Instances

Step-by-step instructions to combine overlapping instances in Hudl Sportscode.