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Send Instances to a Database

Databasing is a way to create a long-term video archive of instances that can originate from different Sportscode timelines.

Create a New Database

  1. Open a Sportscode video file containing instances that you want to database.

  2. Select the instances you'd like to database.

  3. Click the Database icon.

  4. Select Standalone.

    Typically, you'll want to save your instances to a standalone database so that your new file won't need to refer to the original video files in order to play. This will allow you to transfer your database file to other computers without needing to also transfer the original video files too.

  5. Name the file and select the save location. Click Save.

  6. Your instances will begin exporting to a database and you'll be notified when it's completed.

  7. You'll see that all the instances you selected have been added to a database.

Change Your Database View and Layout

  1. Click the View icon.

  2. Click Code View.

  3. You'll see that your instances are now grouped together in rows.

Add Instances to an Existing Database

  1. To send instances to an existing database, open up the database you want to send instances to.

  2. Select the instances you want and then click the Database icon.

  3. You'll see that your instances have been added to this existing database.