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Aligning Angles for Video with Halftime and Video Without Halftime

This tutorial will walk you through how to align angles for videos that are recorded continuously (containing halftime) with angles for videos that were paused (do not contain halftime).

Shorter Video File - Video Without Halftime Recorded

  1. Import the shorter video file into Hudl Sportscode by navigating to File > Import > Video.

  2. Select the shorter video file and click Open.

  3. Select Move into package without transcoding.

  4. Click Create.

  5. Name your video file and click Save.

  6. Click on the New Row icon. Do this twice to create two new rows on your timeline.

  7. Rename your rows "1st Half" and "2nd Half".

  8. Create an instance on your timeline that spans the length of the 1st half.

    You can do this by using Hudl Sportscode keyboard shortcuts. First select the row by single-clicking it. While holding down Control + Option + Command, click and drag the playhead to the moment the 1st half ends.

  9. Create an instance on your timeline that spans the length of the 2nd half.

  10. Double-click on the instance for the "1st Half" and navigate to File > Export > Video.

  11. Name your file and click Save.

  12. Repeat the Steps 9 - 11 for the "2nd Half" instance.

Combining and Syncing Angles

  1. Navigate to File > Import > Video. Select the "1st Half" and "2nd Half" files you created and all additional video angles.

  2. Check Assign files to angles and click Open.

  3. Make sure the "1st Half" and "2nd Half" video files are assigned to the same angle. If they aren't, click and drag the video into the appropriate angle assignment. Delete any unnecessary angle assignments.

  4. Select Move into package without transcoding and click Create.

  5. Name your Hudl Sportscode video file and then click Save.

  6. To align the 1st half for your angles, start by pressing the hotkey associated with your first angle. Drag the playhead to where you want the starting point to be and then click Sync Point.

  7. Press the hotkey associated with another angle and drag the playhead to where you would like the starting point to be. Then click Sync Point.

  8. Repeat these steps to sync the starting points for the 1st half of any additional angles. After you've successfully synced all the starting points, click Align Angles.

  9. Align the 2nd half for your angles by repeating Steps 6 - 8 above.