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Watching Videos

Watch Instance Videos from Timeline

Review the instances on your timeline.

Change Overlay Text Appearance

Edit the look of the over­lay text that dis­plays in an instance movie such as row name, instance num­ber, labels, and notes.

Use the Matrix (Basics)

Use the matrix to highlight stats, review instances or send them to another feature such as the organizer.

Enable and Set Up Flags

Create flags within your preferences to highlight clips for review.

Flag an Instance

Add flags to already coded data.

Flag Instances with the Hudl Remote

Create a flag, then flag instances with the Hudl remote.

Export Instance Videos

Export video from Hudl Sportscode as an .mov file.

Enable Hotkeys for Multi-Angle Playback

Set up keyboard shortcuts that allow you to switch between angles within a Sportscode package.

Add a New Timeline to a Hudl Sportscode Package
Sort Rows
Export Instance Videos with Overlay Text

This tutorial provides a basic overview of how to export instance videos with overlay text.

Show or Hide Video Controls

Adjust your settings to automatically show or hide the video controls in Hudl Sportscode.

Create a Custom Matrix Query

This tutorial will show you how to create custom queries within the matrix of Hudl Sportscode

Swap Axes in Matrix

Switch the x-axis and y-axis in the matrix.