Upload a Playlist with Effects, Slides and Instance Text to Hudl.com

  1. With your Hudl Sportscode organizer or sorter open, click the orange Upload to Hudl button.

  2. Tick the options for Instance Text, Effects and Slides/Titles. Choose the location where you would like to save the playlist on your machine and click Upload...

  3. A .SCZip file will be downloaded onto your machine. You will be automatically redirected to your Hudl.com page where you can select the team page to which you would like to upload this playlist. Proceed to either drag and drop the playlist (.SCZip) or select it from your files.

  4. When you have added the .sczip playlist file to Hudl.com, click Upload.

  5. The playlist will begin to upload onto Hudl.com. Fill in the video details on the right, if you wish, then click Save & Continue.

  6. Once the video has processed, the playlist will be available to view in your team’s library on Hudl.com with all slides/titles, instance text and drawing effects included.