Create Custom Title Slides Using Powerpoint - Organizer

This tutorial is specific to our newest product, Hudl Sportscode. If you’re on Sportscode v11, use these resources instead or upgrade today.


This fea­ture is avail­able only in Hudl Sportscode Pro and Elite. Interested in Upgrading?


The image qual­i­ty of your title slides will match the qual­i­ty of your video. When using low qual­i­ty video, you may notice the title slides are slight­ly blurred dur­ing playback.

  1. Create your title slide(s) in Powerpoint.

    Be sure to set the slide size to match the aspect ratio of your video. Usually Powerpoint slides are set to 4:3 by default, but the vast major­i­ty of video is 16:9. Click the Design tab, and then click Slide Size. Select Widescreen (16:9) to change the slide aspect ratio.

  2. Click File > Export once you have fin­ished design­ing all of your title slides.

    In old­er ver­sions of Powerpoint, click File > Save As Pictures.

  3. Name the file in the Export As field. This will be the name of the fold­er con­tain­ing all the new slide images. Make sure the File Format is JPEG and check the Save Every Slide check­box. Finally, change the image size to 1280 x 720 for widescreen video. Click Export.

    Try sav­ing files to the Desktop so they can be eas­i­ly found after saving.

  4. Press Command + (Select All) and then press Command + C (Copy).

  5. Click the New Row but­ton in your movie orga­niz­er to add a new row.

  6. Drag the pic­ture row to your desired loca­tion, then click Insert > Slide.

  7. Select the Picture instance. 

  8. Press Command + V (Paste). The image or a por­tion of the image will appear in the square.