Export Video

This tutorial is specific to our newest product, Hudl Sportscode. If you’re on Sportscode v11, use these resources instead or upgrade today.

  1. Open a Hudl Sportscode Package.

  2. Select the desired row(s) or instances.

  3. Click File > Export > Video.

  4. First choose whether to export the Entire time­line or just Selected instances.

  5. Next, select one of the fol­low­ing from the dropdown:

    • Video pack­age
    • Single video file
    • Video file for each instance
    • Video file for each row
  6. Finally, choose which angles you want to export. Click Next.

    If you select All, the export­ed video will show all angles. If you select Visible, the export­ed video will just show the angle you are cur­rent­ly viewing.

  7. An Export win­dow should appear with a sta­tus bar. Once the export is com­plete, you can share the .mov file.