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Manipulating Video Files

Import a Video File

Create a Hudl Sportscode package from existing movie files.

Import Synergy Files

Create a Hudl Sportscode package from synergy movies and data.

Import Opta Football Data

Create a Hudl Sportscode package from Opta movies and data.

Import Champion Data Files

Import Champion Data Files into your Hudl Sportscode Package.

Import or Export a Sportscode XML

Transfer data between Hudl Sportscode pack­ages.

Export Video

Export your time­line as a sin­gle .mov file to upload­ to online video plat­forms or shar­e with non-Hudl Sportscode users.

Align Multiple Angle Timelines

Sync multiple video files so they play at the same time within Hudl Sportscode.

Add Video to an Existing Hudl Sportscode Package

Add video to an existing Hudl Sportscode package.

Align Instances

Sync your data to your video quickly and easily using the align all function.

Send Instances to a Database

Send coded instances from the timeline to a database.

Aligning Angles for Video with Halftime and Video Without Halftime

Sync angles of videos that are record­ed con­tin­u­ous­ly with angles of videos that were paused.

Export a CSV File

View your Hudl Sportscode data as a .csv file to use in Numbers, Microsoft Excel, and more.

Export Selected Instances to Video Package

Send a selection of instances to a new movie package.

Use the Find Window

The find window helps you easily locate instances, groups or specific labels from timelines or databases. Then, send these instances to a sorter or organizer.

Combine Multiple Video Packages with Combine Timelines

Creating a com­bined time­line will consolidate mul­ti­ple movie pack­ages into a sin­gle, standalone movie pack­age.

Database Video Playback
Import DFL Data

Import DFL data to use in Hudl Sportscode.

Fix Failed Synergy Import with Missing .CSV Rows

Manipulate Synergy .csv files to fix failed imports into Hudl Sportscode.

Remove Deadtime

Remove uncoded video from your video package, allowing you to save storage space on your device.

Merge Overlapping Instances

Step-by-step instructions to combine overlapping instances in Hudl Sportscode.

Import Vertical Video

Use iMovie to save a vertical file so that it can be imported into and used in Hudl Sportscode.

Align Data and Video - 1 Video, Multiple XMLs

Sync video and data with 1 video files and 2 XML files.