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Set up Hudl Replay Wirelessly - Wireless to the Sideline

Network Diagram

Below is an example of the network setup for utilizing Hudl Replay with two access points. The steps detailed in this tutorial will assist in configuring the necessary hardware.

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Configuring Ruckus Access Points

  1. Plug in your pressbox/analyst position EdgeSwitch to power and connect an ethernet cable from the EdgeSwitch to the PoE port on the pressbox/analyst position Ruckus wireless access point.

    We recommend sticking labels on each Ruckus access point and EdgeSwitch based on their location. Double check that your models are the Unleashed devices.

  2. Wait a few minutes for the Ruckus wireless access point to boot up.

  3. Under your wireless network settings, connect to the “Configure.MeXXXXXX” wireless network.

  4. Once connected to the wireless network, open a web browser and navigate to

  5. You should be led to a page that shows “Your connection is not private”. Select Advanced then “Proceed to 192.168.X.XXX”.

  6. If prompted, enter the default username of “super” and password, “sp-admin”.

  7. Double check that Typical Install is selected, click Next.

  8. Enter the name of the device (i.e. Hudl Replay Pressbox), select the country where the device will be used, and be sure to check the box next to Mesh, then click Next.

    This is not the same thing as the network SSID, that will be added later.

  9. Check the box for Gateway Mode and confirm the settings below.

  10. Make sure to leave the IP settings on DHCP unless otherwise consulted and click Next.

  11. Enter the desired SSID and password for the wireless network. Write this information down or take a screenshot to ensure you’ve got the correct settings, then click Next.

  12. Set up the Ruckus wireless access point administrator username and password. This is used to configure any settings after the device has been initially configured. Write this information down or take a screenshot to have this information later on and click Next.

  13. Confirm that your settings match this configuration guide, then click Finish.

  14. Click on Yes to restart the access point.

  15. Wait 5 minutes until you see the new network SSID being broadcasted. Once you've confirmed this, plug in the bench/sideline Ruckus access point to the same EdgeSwitch as the pressbox/analyst position Ruckus wireless access point.

  16. This will start to bridge the connections over two Ruckus access points and create a single network. Wait an additional 5-8 minutes until the both devices begins flashing the 5G and 2.4G lights.

  17. After confirming the above steps, unplug the bench/sideline Ruckus access point from the EdgeSwitch and move it down to the field of play area. Plug in the bench/sideline Ruckus access point to your additional EdgeSwitch or DC power adapter.

  18. Ensure that the Ruckus wireless access points have clear lines of sight to both locations - avoid metal and RF Signals if possible. These devices cannot be more than 250ft/76m from each other and viewing iPads cannot be more than 25ft/8m from the Ruckus Access Points. Once you’ve confirmed that the new wireless network is available, connect your iPad to the Replay wireless network.

  19. Turn off WiFi on your MacBook Pro running the live capture and connect the machine with an ethernet cable to the EdgeSwitch. Confirm your MacBook Pro is connected via ethernet and configured with DHCP instead of a manual configuration.

  20. At this point, the network should be configured correctly. Follow this tutorial to get Hudl Replay running over the network.