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Set Up Hudl Replay Wirelessly - Configuring Antrica Settings

This guide is only intended for utilizing an Antrica encoder over a network utilizing the Ruckus wireless access points detailed in the Hudl Replay wireless set up walkthroughs. If you're setting up an Antrica without Replay, see this tutorial.

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to one of the Antrica IP addresses. Log in using the credentials you've set, or use the default username of admin and password of admin.

    If already configured, the first IP may be

  2. Click on the Network section.

  3. Change the IP settings to match the first three sections/the subnet address of your Ruckus wireless network access points. In most cases that will be 10.106.0.XXX, see the screenshot below for an example. Be sure to write down the IP address that you change the device to.

    You'll likely still want to use .200, .201, .202, and .203 if using a four channel Antrica encoder.

  4. Click Save. Repeat steps 1-3 on each of the four Antrica encoder feeds.

  5. If you've already entered your feeds into Hudl Sportscode, open the Capture window and change the IP addresses for each feed to the address you changed each feed to.

    Test these feeds before starting the capture to confirm they've been properly configured.

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