Set up Hudl Replay Wirelessly - Wireless to the Sideline

This tutorial is specific to our newest product, Hudl Sportscode. If you’re on Sportscode v11, use these resources instead or upgrade today.

Configuring Ruckus Access Points

  1. Plug in your pressbox/​analyst posi­tion EdgeSwitch to pow­er and con­nect an eth­er­net cable from the EdgeSwitch to the PoE port on the pressbox/​analyst posi­tion Ruckus wire­less access point.

    We rec­om­mend stick­ing labels on each Ruckus access point and EdgeSwitch based on their location.

  2. Wait a few min­utes for the Ruckus wire­less access point to boot up.

  3. Under your wire­less net­work set­tings, con­nect to the Configure.MeXXXXXX” wire­less network.

  4. Once con­nect­ed to the wire­less net­work, open a web brows­er and nav­i­gate to unleashed​.ruckuswire​less​.com.

  5. You should be lead to a page that shows Your con­nec­tion is not pri­vate”. Select Advanced then Proceed to 192.168.X.XXX”.

  6. If prompt­ed, enter the default user­name of super” and pass­word, sp-admin”.

  7. Double check that Typical Install is select­ed, click Next.

  8. Enter the name of the device (i.e. Hudl Replay Pressbox), select the coun­try where the device will be used, and be sure to check off the Mesh box, then click Next.

    This is not the same thing as the net­work SSID, that will be added later.

  9. Check off the box for Gateway Mode and con­firm the set­tings below.

  10. Make sure to leave the IP set­tings on DHCP unless oth­er­wise con­sult­ed and click Next.

  11. Enter the desired SSID and pass­word for the wire­less net­work. Write this infor­ma­tion down or take a screen­shot to ensure you’ve got the cor­rect set­tings, then click Next.

  12. Set up the Ruckus wire­less access point admin­is­tra­tor user­name and pass­word. This is used to con­fig­ure any set­tings after the device has been ini­tial­ly con­fig­ured. Write this infor­ma­tion down or take a screen­shot to have this infor­ma­tion lat­er on and click Next.

  13. Confirm that your set­tings match this con­fig­u­ra­tion guide, then click Finish.

  14. Click on Yes to restart the access point.

  15. Wait 5 min­utes until you see the new net­work SSID being broad­cast­ed. Once you’ve con­firmed this, plug in the bench/​sideline Ruckus access point to the same EdgeSwitch as the pressbox/​analyst posi­tion Ruckus wire­less access point.

  16. This will start to bridge the con­nec­tions over two Ruckus access points and cre­ate a sin­gle net­work. Wait an addi­tion­al 5 – 8 min­utes until the both devices begins flash­ing the 5G and 2.4G lights.

  17. After con­firm­ing the above steps, unplug the bench/​sideline Ruckus access point from the EdgeSwitch and move it down to the field of play area. Plug in the bench/​sideline Ruckus access point to your addi­tion­al EdgeSwitch or DC pow­er adapter.

  18. Ensure that the Ruckus wire­less access points have clear lines of sight to both loca­tions — avoid met­al and RF Signals if pos­si­ble. These devices can­not be more than 250ft/​76m from each oth­er and view­ing iPads can­not be more than 50ft/​15m from the Ruckus Access Points. Once you’ve con­firmed that the new wire­less net­work is avail­able, con­nect your iPad to the Replay wire­less network.

  19. Turn off WiFi on your MacBook Pro run­ning the live cap­ture and con­nect the machine with an eth­er­net cable to the EdgeSwitch. Confirm your MacBook Pro is con­nect­ed via eth­er­net and con­fig­ured with DHCP instead of a man­u­al configuration.

  20. At this point, the net­work should be con­fig­ured cor­rect­ly. Follow this tuto­r­i­al to get Hudl Replay run­ning over the network.