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Send Instances from Hudl Sportscode to Hudl Replay

MacBook Pro

  1. Launch Hudl Sportscode from your Applications folder.

  2. Click the Sportscode menu button select Check for Updates...

    If updates are available, select Install Update, then choose Install and Relaunch.

  3. With Hudl Sportscode open, navigate to Capture > Open Cap­ture Win­dow.

  4. Click the Inspector icon.

  5. Choose the IP feeds you wish to capture, or plug in your desired capture hardware. Be sure that the Share with other devices box is checked before starting the capture.

  6. Click the Record icon.

  7. Name your file and click Save.

  8. Open up a code window and begin coding.

Hudl Replay iOS

  1. Launch Hudl Replay on your iOS device.

  2. Tap the dropdown for Select a session and choose the name of the package you're capturing.

    Running into issues? Contact our support team.

  3. Choose Start Watching.

  4. You'll see moments you code in Hudl Sportscode appear on your Hudl Replay iOS application.