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Set Up Computers for Sharing

To access a video file on a secondary computer using live sharing, both machines must be on the same network (we recommend a wired network) and users need administrative rights on both machines. For questions about networking or administrative rights, reach out to your IT staff.

  1. Primary Computer

    Right-click on the desktop and select New Folder.

    The primary computer is the one you use to capture video.

  2. Title the folder Sportscode Share Folder.

  3. Open the Apple menu, then click System Preferences.

  4. Open Users & Groups.

  5. Click on the Lock icon to unlock your security settings. Type in the admin password for the computer and then click Unlock.

  6. Click Guest User, then check the box next to Allow guest users to connect to shared folders.

  7. Go back to the main System Preferences screen and open Sharing.

  8. Check the box next to File Sharing.

  9. Click the + icon under Shared Folders.

  10. Select the Sportscode Share Folder and click Add.

  11. Select the Sportscode Share Folder, then use the drop-down menu to allow all three users to Read & Write.

  12. Click on Options...

  13. Ensure the box next to Share files and folders using SMB is ticked. Click Done.

    For Mac OS earlier than Big Sur: Uncheck the box next to Share files and folders using AFP. This box may already be unchecked. Click Done.

  14. Note the local address of the Mac. It will be in the format of [computer-name].local.

  15. Secondary Computer

    Open the Go menu and select Connect to Server...

    The secondary computer is the viewing computer or non-capture computer.

  16. Type smb:// followed by the local address of the capture computer, then click Connect.

  17. Select the Sportscode Share Folder and then click OK.

  18. Navigate to your Finder window and see that you now have access to the files within the Sportscode Share Folder of the primary computer.