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Import Synergy Files

This feature is only available in Sportscode Pro and Elite 10.3.18 and later. Be sure to click Sportscode > Check for updates to ensure that you are running the latest version. Interested in upgrading?

  1. Download Synergy files to your machine using the Synergy Editor.

  2. Launch Hudl Sportscode.

  3. Click File > Import > Synergy.

  4. Select the folder for the edit that you are importing into Hudl Sportscode and click Open. Be sure to select the folder of the entire edit and not a file or folder inside the parent folder.

    By default, Synergy folder are downloaded to this location: Documents > SynergySports > [Synergy Login Email] > MyEdits.

  5. Type in Save As for a name to the video package and the location to save it. Then click Save.

  6. Once the import is complete, the Hudl Sportscode package will open automatically.

Receive an error? Check out this tutorial.