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Import or Export a Sportscode XML

Transfer data between Hudl Sportscode packages by exporting and importing timeline data, which is exported as an XML file.

Export Sportscode XML (Sportscode Timeline Data)

  1. Open the Hudl Sportscode movie package from which you'd like to export the XML data.

  2. Click File > Export > Sportscode XML.

  3. Choose a location for the file and click Save.

Import Sportscode XML into Sportscode

  1. Open a movie package into which you'd like to import Sportscode XML data.

  2. Click File > Import > Sportscode XML.

  3. Select a saved XML file, merge overlapping instances if you want, then click Open.

    If you have a kickoff or start code in your timeline, use the playhead to align the start of the game and select Align first instance at playhead. This will place your XML at the start of the playhead.