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Flag an Instance

  1. Open a movie package.

  2. Create a movie from a set of instances.

    The most common method to create a movie from a set of instances is to double-click a row.

  3. Once the instance movie appears, press the flag hotkey to flag that instance. After the flag icon appears, close the instance movie. Repeat with additional instances as needed.

    Flagging is a feature of Sportscode that is only available in Sportscode Pro and Sportscode Elite. Interested in Upgrading?

  4. To easily recall flagged instances, click the Matrix.

  5. Double-click the intersection between the flag and code to watch flagged instances.

    To utilize Flagging, flags must first be enabled and created.

Flagging is a feature that is available in Hudl Sportscode Pro Review, Pro, Elite Review and Elite. Interested in Upgrading?