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Edit Labels Window

Edit instances by selecting an instance and pressing Command + E on your keyboard. The edit labels window will appear, allowing you to add or delete labels.

  1. Select an instance from your timeline, then press Command + E.

    You can also access the Edit Labels window from the top menu bar. Click Edit > Instance Labels...

  2. You'll see the following information:

    • Row name and instance number
    • Time of the instance selected
    • Labels inside this instance
    • Notes included in this instance
  3. To add a label, click the Labels box and type your desired label. Then hit Return on your keyboard.

    Note: To add a label group to the label use labelgroup:label.

  4. To delete a label, select the desired label, then hit Delete on your keyboard.

  5. Click in the Notes section to add a note to your instance. Hit Return on your keyboard.

It may be helpful to keep a code window open in label mode while following these instructions. Activate a label on your code window and you'll see the label applied to the instance and in the Edit Labels window.