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Edit the Length of an Instance

There are two ways to edit the length of an instance:

Edit Directly on the Timeline

  1. Open a Hudl Sportscode timeline and locate the instance you would like to trim and/or extend.

  2. Move your cursor to either the start or the end of the instance.

    Hold down Option + Command on your keyboard. Your cursor will be replaced by a small icon, indicating that you can start to trim or extend the clip.

  3. Drag the instance across the row until you reach the desired time point within the video.

    The above process works for either the start or end of an instance.

Open the Instance and Edit

  1. Select the instance you want to edit and click Edit.

  2. Click and drag the blue bars at the start and end of the instance to edit the clip's length.

    This option allows you to extend the clip by 10% on either side. The edit window is reactive. Once you drag the instance to the limit, release the drag and the edit window will add 10% more to the instance.

You can also edit the length of an instance using keyboard shortcuts.