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Batch Rename

This feature is only available with Hudl Sportscode Elite and Elite Review. Interested in Upgrading?

The batch rename feature allows for multiple buttons in a Hudl Sportscode code window to be renamed in one step. For example, multiple buttons in a code window can be renamed each week with the names of opposition players. Code window buttons with specified Button ID’s can be renamed based on values stored in a csv file.

  1. Add the Batch Rename button to the code window toolbar by holding control and clicking in the code window toolbar, then select Customize Toolbar…

  2. Drag the Batch Rename button to an empty space in the code window toolbar.

  3. Add a button ID to each button (that you wish to rename) in your code window. For example, if renaming player buttons, use button IDs such as “p01”, “p02”, “p03” etc.

  4. Create a CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) (.csv), file that lists the button IDs, along with the associated name changes. The first column of the .csv file should contain a list of all the button IDs in your code window. The remaining columns should specify the rename options for your buttons. The first row contains the name of the rename grouping you will see when you select the batch rename button in your code window.

    In this example, when the “Spartans” option is selected, the buttons with IDs of “p01” through to “p05” will be renamed to “spartans player 01” through to “spartans player 05”.

  5. Name this file “batch_rename.csv” and save it to your ~/Documents/Sportscode User Data/code_window folder. Quit and relaunch Sportscode.

    Create a new folder code_window in the Sportscode User Data folder if it doesn't already exist.

  6. To rename the buttons in your code window, click on the Batch Rename button in your code window toolbar and select the group rename option you wish to apply.

    The CSV file is cached after the first time you use this feature. If you want to reload the CSV file from the disk, hold down OPTION when clicking on the “Batch Rename” button. This is handy when you are testing or adding items to the CSV file as you go.

  7. Click Rename.