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Edit the Length of an Instance

Extend or trim instances from within the Hudl Sportscode timeline.

Adjust Instances in Bulk

Adjust multiple instances at once.

Create a New Merged Row

Merge all or multiple rows of your choice.

Batch Rename

Rename multiple buttons in a Sportscode code window in one step.

Full Screen Coding

Over­lay your code win­dow on a full screen movie, mak­ing it eas­i­er to see and code the action.

Strip Instance Contents

Remove labels, notes, and flags from the timeline.

Live Instance Notes While Coding

Using keyboard shortcuts, add notes to an instance while you're coding.

Edit Labels Window

Utilize the Edit Labels window to modify the labels applied to instances.

Move Instances to a New Row in the Timeline

Drag clips to a different row within the timeline.

Edit Row Color in the Timeline

Change a row color in a package.

Split Instances

Separate an instance to make into two or more instances.