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Troubleshoot Focus Flex and Hudl Sportscode Live Capture


*Focus app version must be 3.22 or later*

*Focus Flex CamOS must be 11.3.0-hudl2 or later*

It is possible to live capture the tactical angle RTMP from Flex into Hudl Sportstcode (HSC) using a wired connection only. There are some mandatory setup rules to follow in order to make this work:

  • Flex camera and capture machine (MacBook) must be connected to the same network/subnet using an ethernet cables.
    • Although Flex is capable of connecting to a network using WiFi for uploading to Hudl, Wireless connection for live capture is not possible.
  • Ethernet cable should be either Cat5e, Cat6 and no longer than 90 meters (300ft).
  • Wireless adaptor must be de-activated on the Macbook.
  • All devices must be hard wired to the router.

Initial Setup

Connect Flex and Sportscode to the same wired network:

  • Connect to your Flex camera WiFi network using the Focus App on your iOS or Android device and go through the calibration process.
    • This process can be found here.
  • Connect your Flex camera and your capture machine (MacBook) to the same wired router/network.

Find the RTMP url for capture in Hudl Sportscode:

  • While connected to your Flex camera, within the Focus App, press the settings button.
  • Click on 'Connect to Your Broadcast Software'
  • Copy the RTMP url as you will need to enter this in Hudl Sportscode.
  • You can find this process here (Follow steps 1-5).

Setup IP Live capture in Hudl Sportscode:

  • Enter the RTMP url found above in HSC (process can be found here).
    • Example of what the RTMP url might be is: rtmp://
    • Note: the IP address itself ( will be different dependent on your particular network setup.
  • Start a recording in the Focus app.
    • You must start a recording in Focus for you to see it in Hudl Sportscode.
  • Once you see the feed in Hudl Sportscode, start a recording.

Cannot See the IP Feed in HSC?

  • Check the connection of the Focus Flex camera and the capture machine (MacBook). They must be connected to the same network.
  • Check the RTMP url entered into HSC is exactly the same as it appears within the Focus app.
  • Check you can ping your focus camera from the Macbook you are trying to use.
    • Open Terminal
    • Type in ping space> ip address of camera only > then select Enter
    • Example: ping
    • If it works you should see the camera communicating with your computer in terminal like below:
  • If it does not work it may say operation timed out or give a failed error or request timed out like below:

Will my video upload from Flex whilst Capturing?

Flex will always prioritize network connections in the following order:

  • Ethernet
  • WiFi
  • 4G (if available)

So when live capturing in HSC, providing the network you are using has internet access, the video will upload. If the network has no internet access, the video will not upload from the Flex to Hudl until the camera is connected to a network (Ethernet, WiFi or 4G) that has internet access. *note that at this time, only game recordings upload via 4G, not practise recordings.