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Set Up a Live Capture - AJA U-TAP

  1. Connect the U-TAP’s USB 3.1 cable to your MacBook Pro with a USB-C to USB adapter (or direct­ly con­nect to USB for pre-2017 MacBook Pros).

    Not see­ing the device? Double check that the POWER Status LED light is Green. For addi­tion­al help in under­stand­ing these sta­tus lights, see the offi­cial U-TAP Manual on page 6.

  2. Connect your video source to the U-TAP device via an HDMI or SDI cable.

    To utilize any HDMI/SDI connection, pair either U-TAP device with a Decimator MD-LX HDMI/SDI Bidirectional Converter. This method will remove the need to purchase two U-TAP devices, if you are planning to capture both SDI and HDMI feeds.

  3. Launch Hudl Sportscode and select Capture > Open Cap­ture Win­dow.

  4. Users on macOS Mojave (10.14) or above will need to allow Camera and Microphone access. Select OK for both prompts.

    This is only required once when run­ning a cap­ture for the first time on macOS Mojave or above.

  5. Click the gear icon to set up your capture.

  6. Select your U-TAP device as the video and audio sources, then choose between the HD 720 or HD 1080 options as your cap­ture pre­set.

    If you do not want to capture audio, select 'No Audio Sources'

    Capturing in HD 1080 will result in a larger file size and potential increased latency when using live sharing workflows.

  7. Select the frame rate.

    For best capture quality, we recommend selecting the same frame rate as the source video.

  8. Click the Capture icon to choose a name for your movie pack­age and start the capture.

    The pic­ture above means there is no video avail­able. Make sure you see the desired video in the cap­ture win­dow before start­ing your live capture.