Set Up a Multi-Angle Capture with Antrica Video Encoder

This tutorial is specific to our newest product, Hudl Sportscode. If you’re on Sportscode v11, use these resources instead or upgrade today.


The Antrica Video Encoder is our rec­om­mend­ed hard­ware for live cap­tur­ing mul­ti­ple HDMI or SDI video feeds on one com­put­er. Refer to our rec­om­mend­ed hard­ware for mul­ti-angle cap­ture to make sure you have all the prop­er equip­ment to continue. 

Connect Your Devices

  1. Plug in the pow­er adapter for the Antrica device and your net­work switch.

  2. Connect your video feeds to the Antrica Video Encoder through HDMI or SDI, depend­ing on your device.

  3. Connect an eth­er­net cable from the cor­re­spond­ing eth­er­net port on the Antrica to an eth­er­net port on your net­work switch. Do this for each video feed con­nect­ed to your Antrica device.

  4. Connect an eth­er­net cable from your net­work switch to your com­put­er. You may need a USB-C to giga­bit eth­er­net adapter

Set an Antrica Network Location

  1. Toggle off Wi-Fi. 

  2. Click on the Apple Menu and select System Preferences

  3. Click Network.

  4. Select the Location drop­down menu, then select Edit Locations.

  5. Click on the icon to add a loca­tion name. Name the loca­tion Antrica”

  6. Select the USB-C LAN con­nec­tion and enter the fol­low­ing settings: 

    If you want to con­nect mul­ti­ple Macs to the switch, be sure to set dif­fer­ent IP address­es with­in this range. For exam­ple:,, etc. 

  7. If your switch is pow­ered on, you should see a green dot next to the USB LAN menu. Close out of your Network pref­er­ences window. 

Connect to Antrica Device Through Web Interface


The fol­low­ing steps work for HDMI or SDI. If using HDMI, just replace HDMI where you see SDI below.

  1. Open up a web brows­er and enter When asked to enter a default user name and pass­word enter admin” into both fields. 

    This IP address is the address for Channel 1 of the Antrica device. When shipped, the default IP address of the units is in the range of through

  2. Select SDI Main from the menu on the left. 

  3. On the SDI Main page, scroll down to the RTSP set­tings. Select Enable on the RTSP field. 

  4. Set the RTSP TCP field to TCP

  5. Scroll up along the SDI Main page to the video encod­ing set­tings (Bitrate con­trol, Key Interval, Encoded size…)The encod­ing set­tings should match your source video. For exam­ple, these are the set­tings for PAL 1080 video:

    For more infor­ma­tion on ide­al set­tings for your spe­cif­ic video for­mat, refer to this page

  6. Click Apply to save your changes. 

  7. Repeat the steps above for each cam­era angle con­nect­ed through eth­er­net to the net­work switch. 

Capturing in Hudl Sportscode through IP Feed

  1. Click on the Status menu and select Access address. The IP address here reflects the video feed for one of your cam­era angles. Select and copy this address. 

  2. Launch Hudl Sportscode and open up a cap­ture window. 

  3. Click on the gear icon. This will open the inspec­tor window. 

  4. Click on the Feeds tab.

  5. Click on the icon to add a feed address. 

  6. Name your feed what­ev­er you’d like and paste the IP address for the cam­era angle that you copied above. 

  7. Repeat the above steps for each of your cam­era angles. 

  8. Click on the Sources tab and select your dif­fer­ent Antrica cam­era angles. 

    If Hudl Sportscode is con­nect­ed to your video feed, it will dis­play a green check mark.

  9. Close your inspec­tor win­dow and click the Record icon to begin cap­tur­ing your video angles. 


Multi-angle cap­ture is only avail­able for spe­cif­ic licens­es. Interested in Upgrading?