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Create an Exclusive Link

An exclusive link between code buttons means that only one of the linked buttons can be active at a time. Activating an exclusively-linked code button will deactivate the other linked button(s). An exclusive link between a label button and a code button ensures that the label will only be applied to instances created with that code button.

  1. Enter Edit mode in the code window.

  2. Select the button to add an exclusive link to and click Inspector.

    Double-clicking a button will also open the Inspector.

  3. In the Behavior tab, click the Exclusive link drop-down and select the button you'd like to exclusively link to the current button.

    Keyboard Shortcut: hold Control and click and drag between two buttons to create an exclusive link.

  4. If your exclusive link is between two code buttons, a purple line should appear between the buttons. If your exclusive link is between a code button and a label button, a light blue line will appear between the buttons.

    Do not create an exclusive link between two label buttons. If you do, the labels will not be applied to any instance, even if activated.