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Create an Activation Link

This feature is available only in Hudl Sportscode Pro and Elite. Interested in upgrading?

An activation link automatically activates a button by clicking another linked button. Activation links can be created between any combination of code, label, and toggle buttons.

  1. Open a code window and enter Edit mode.

  2. Select the button to add an activation link to and click Inspector.

    Double-clicking a button will also open the Inspector.

  3. In the Behaviour tab, click the Activation link drop-down and select the button that you'd like this button to activate.

    Keyboard Shortcut: hold Control + Option and click and drag between two buttons to create an activation link.

  4. After linking the two buttons with an activation link, you'll see a green line with an arrow between the two buttons.

Activation links must originate at the button you’re going to activate manually. The arrows will point in the direction of the button you want to activate. After the activation link is set, you will only need to activate the one button.

The automatically activated button will still need to be deactivated manually unless deactivated with lag time.