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Create a Button Hotkey

A hotkey is a keyboard shortcut used to control a button in the code window.

  1. Enter Edit mode in the code window.

  2. Select the button to add a hotkey to and click Inspector.

    Double-clicking a button will also open the Inspector.

  3. Click the white box next to Hotkey. The box will turn red, indicating it's ready for you to choose a hotkey.

  4. Press the key you'd like to use as a hotkey.

    Hudl Sportscode does not allow the use of Shift, Control, Option, or Command as a hotkey. These are modifier keys that can be used in combination with other keys. For example, you can use both C and Shift + C as hotkeys for different buttons.

  5. To delete a hotkey, click the white box next to Hotkey and press Delete twice.