Create an Activation Link

This tutorial is specific to our newest product, Hudl Sportscode. If you’re on Sportscode v11, use these resources instead or upgrade today.


This fea­ture is avail­able only in Hudl Sportscode Pro and Elite. Interested in upgrading?


An acti­va­tion link auto­mat­i­cal­ly acti­vates a but­ton by click­ing anoth­er linked but­ton. Activation links can be cre­at­ed between any com­bi­na­tion of code, label, and tog­gle buttons.

  1. Enter Edit mode in the code window.

  2. Open the Inspector win­dow for the but­ton you’d like to acti­vate anoth­er button.

    You can open the inspec­tor win­dow for a but­ton by dou­ble-click­ing the but­ton or sin­gle-click­ing and click­ing the Inspector icon in the code win­dow toolbar.

  3. In the Behaviour tab, click the Activation link drop-down and select the but­ton that you’d like this but­ton to activate.

    Activation links must orig­i­nate at the but­ton you’re going to acti­vate man­u­al­ly. The arrows must point in the direc­tion of the but­ton you want to acti­vate auto­mat­i­cal­ly (as a result of acti­vat­ing the first button).

  4. To cre­ate an acti­va­tion link using a key­board short­cut, hold down Control + Option and click and drag from the but­ton you’ll acti­vate man­u­al­ly to the but­ton you’d like to acti­vate automatically.

  5. After link­ing the two but­tons with an acti­va­tion link, you’ll see a green line with an arrow between the two buttons.