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License Manager

The license manager is where your organization administrator can allocate, check status of and deregister Hudl Sportscode registration codes.

  1. Login to

  2. Hover over your name (in the top right corner) and select Sportscode Licenses.

    Only organization administrators have access to this feature. They will be able to assist with any questions you may have about your licenses. If you should have this feature, reach out to your Hudl Representative to get access.

  3. On the license manager page, you will be able to view all of your organizations Hudl Sportscode registration codes.

    Expired licenses will appear red. These cannot be registered, contact your Hudl Representative if you have any questions.

Overview of License Manager

  1. Product - Lists the type of license associated with each registration code.

    It will indicate Elite, Elite Review, Pro, Pro Review, or Gamebraker. Check out this page to see what you have access to with each version.

  2. Start/End Date - Indicates the dates the licenses are active.

    End date is important to let you know when licenses are expiring. As this date approaches, reach out to your Hudl Representative to renew your licenses.

  3. Registration Code - The used to register Hudl Sportscode to computers.

  4. Status - Indicates whether a license is registered or unregistered.

  5. Allocated To - Allows you to give a name to a license.

    Rename to a team or coach to indicate where the license code is assigned.

  6. Machine - Displays the computer name a code is registered to. If unregistered no name will appear here.

  7. Version - Lets you see what version of Hudl Sportscode is registered.

  8. macOS Version - Shows the macOS of the computer running Hudl Sportscode.

    It's recommended to be on macOS 12 (Monterey) for best performance.

Deregister a License

  1. Navigate to the license you wish to deregister and select the check box.

  2. Select Deregister Selected.

  3. After the deregistration is complete, a green confirmation box will appear in the bottom right corner of the page.