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Determine Your Registered Sportscode License

This tutorial will help you identify your Hudl Sportscode license, but it will not give you the exact code. Our support team can remotely deregister a license for you, but will need to know the first 6 digits of the code in order to do that. The following process will help you determine the first 6 digits.

  1. Launch Hudl Sportscode.

  2. Click Sportscode > Registration.

  3. The registration code will appear in the pop up window. The license code that appears in this field is the pro­tect­ed ver­sion of your code (there are dig­its that are replaced with ​“X”). To use this code to dereg­is­ter or reg­is­ter you will need to replace the ​“X” with the actu­al dig­its of the code.