Record and Upload from a Mobile Device


Recording is only avail­able on iOS devices. To upload while record­ing, con­nect your iOS device to Wi-Fi. If you are not con­nect­ed to Wi-Fi while record­ing, you can upload your video post-game.

  1. Log in to the Hudl app and tap GameDay from the menu.

  2. Swipe left or right to find the game you’d like to upload video for. 

    Can’t find your event? Tap Add a Schedule Entry at the bot­tom of the screen, fill in the pro­vid­ed infor­ma­tion, and tap Save.

  3. Tap Record the Game to begin record­ing game footage. If you’re record­ing an oppo­nent scout game, select Scout the Game or if you’re record­ing prac­tice, tap Practice for the Game

  4. Tap the Record but­ton to start and stop recording. 

    If con­nect­ed to Wi-Fi, there will be two sets of num­bers at the bot­tom of the screen. The first set of num­bers indi­cates the amount of time uploaded to Hudl, while the sec­ond set reflects the amount of video that’s been recorded.

  5. When the game is over, stop record­ing and tap Save and Exit. 

  6. Tap The Game is Over to con­firm the end of the game or tap Resume Recording to con­tin­ue recording.

  7. To upload your video to Hudl​.com: con­nect your iOS device to Wi-Fi, open the Hudl app and keep it open until the upload fin­ish­es. To check an upload’s sta­tus, tap the sync icon.

  8. From the sync tray, you’ll be able to see any in-progress or failed uploads.