Camera Angles

Camera angles change depend­ing on which sport is being record­ed. Learn more about the angles your team receives below.

Toggle between angles as you replay the video on Hudl​.com by click­ing the cam­era icon on the video player.


Includes the full court view dur­ing a game or prac­tice record­ing. Available for all sports.


For bas­ket­ball, the cam­era fol­lows the play as it moves up and down the court or gym dur­ing a game or prac­tice record­ing. The cam­era auto­mat­i­cal­ly zooms in when the action is tak­ing place in the frontcourt.

For vol­ley­ball and oth­er sports such as cheer or the­atre the cam­era will zoom into the court or gym.

Available for all sports except wrestling.

Left and Right Court

View one half of the court at a time dur­ing a prac­tice record­ing. Available for all sports.