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Network Troubleshooting Steps

Check Technical Requirements

Take another look at the technical requirements for the Focus camera to make sure you’re meeting them.

Rule Out Hardware Issues

Try plugging a laptop into the same ethernet cable you’re using with your camera. Can the laptop connect to the internet? If not, you might have an ethernet cable that’s gone bad or been affected by the weather.

We recommend an ethernet cable no longer than 300 feet for the best network connection.

Ping the IP Address

By trying to ping the camera’s IP address on your network, you’ll be able to see if you can communicate with the camera. Your camera’s hostname will display as either FOCUS-XXXXXX or FCXXX-XXXXXX.and should be searchable on your DHCP server’s IP leases.

If you can ping your camera, it’s online, on the network and attempting to communicate—but something’s preventing it from communicating. Look for traffic coming from it. Can you see anything being blocked?

Check that all content filtering, application control and SSL inspection has been disabled for your camera. This can limit the camera’s outbound traffic and prevent it from being able to communicate properly.

Remove Any Blockers

Create a reservation on your DHCP server using the MAC address of the camera. (You can find the MAC address by searching the DHCP server’s lease. Contact our support team if you need help.) This mimics a static IP address. You should set rules on your firewall to allow all outbound traffic from that IP address.

With all outbound traffic allowed from the camera, see if you can ping it. If that works, start adding restrictions back in. This won’t pose any security risk since the camera communicates outbound only and has no incoming traffic.

Power Cycle the Camera

If your camera is still offline after trying all the steps listed above, try a power cycle. Unplug the camera from power for one minute. When you disconnect, any lights on your camera will turn off.

Plug the camera back in. You should see a pulsing orange light that changes to solid yellow. After this happens, wait for up to five minutes for the camera to come online. (You’ll know it’s online when the light changes to white).