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What You’ll Need

The following materials are necessary, but not provided by Hudl.

Mounting Plate Installation

A Smartphone With the Hudl Focus App Downloaded

  • You need the app to install the camera and check its view.


  • To install the Hudl Focus mounting plate in your facil­i­ty, you will need to drill holes into a flat surface. We strong­ly sug­gest you use a pow­er drill to do it.
  • Black & Deck­er Cord­less Drill


Ladder or Scissor Lift (Optional)

Hardware and Tools Suited for Your Installation Surface

  • Based on where you are installing your mounting plate, you may need different hardware and tools. Here’s a recommended list based on surface type—some lengths may vary depending on the location.

Wood or Metal

Concrete or Brick

1/4” drill bit

DEWALT 1/4” Tita­ni­um Drill Bit

1/4” drill bit

DEWALT 1/4” Tita­ni­um Drill Bit

4 button head hex drive screws, corrosion-resistant, 1/4”-20 thread size, 1-1/4” long

1/4”-20 Thread Size, 1-1/4” Long Button Head Hex Drive Screw

4 silver coated steel, hex-washer head screws, 1/4” diameter, 1-3/4” long

1/4” Diameter, 1-3/4” Long Hex Washer Head Screw

4 high-strength steel hex nuts, grade 8, zinc-aluminum coated, 1/4”-20 thread size

1/4”-20 Thread Size Steel Hex Nut

5/16” nut setter

5/16” Hex Size Nut Setter

For added security, 4 steel split lock washers, zinc-plated, for 1/4” screw size, 0.26” ID, 0.487” OD
1/4” Screw Size Split Lock Washer

Camera Installation

Extension Cord (Optional)

  • An extension cord is not always necessary, but if there’s no power outlet within 5 feet of your camera, you might need one to power the device. The camera can’t function without it.
  • 3-Prong Extension Cord

Audio Cord (Optional)

  • If you are planning on adding additional commentary to your livestreams, you’ll want to make sure you have a standard, 3.5mm, audio cord on hand.

If you’re mounting from a pole or another structure other than a pressbox, you may need some additional hardware. Check out our specific dimensions and recommendations.