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Set Up a Hudl Focus Broadcast

Send your Focus video to any broadcast software that accepts video through an IP feed, allowing you to choose where you send the livestream.

Not sure if broadcast is for you? Check out the different ways to stream with Hudl Focus.

Before getting started, make sure that you're meeting your broadcast software's minimum technical specifications.

Before getting started, make sure you've met the broadcast technical requirements.

Set Up a Broadcast

  1. Download any broadcast software that accepts an IP feed as an RTMP video source.

    A great free option is OBS, or you can choose from paid ones like BlueFrame Production Truck and Wirecast Pro.

  2. Open the Focus app and start a recording.

  3. Tap the settings icon.

    If there is more than one camera on your account, tap on the camera you want to broadcast, then tap the settings icon to get to the settings page.

  4. Tap Connect to Your Broadcast Software.

  5. Find the RTMP address under Stream URL.

    If you're unable to find the stream URL, you may need to update your Focus app to the
    latest version.

  6. Open your broadcast software and add the Focus video stream by entering the stream URL.

    The steps will differ depending on which software you use.

Add Audio Commentary

The Focus camera has a specific audio port on the back of the camera that allows you to add audio commentary from your press box to your Focus video feed.

  1. Using a standard, 3.5mm audio cord, plug the cord into the Audio In port on the back of your Focus camera.

  2. Connect the other end of the audio cord to your external microphone or commentary setup.

  3. In your broadcast software, select the same Focus stream URL as an audio source for your production.

Send Video to a Livestream Platform

Once you have the broadcast up and running, send the video to your livestream platform of choice:

Running into issues with your livestream platform? Contact the support team of the platform you're using.