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Install Your Mounting Plate

What You’ll Need

  • Drill
  • Drill bit
  • 4 screws (type will vary depending on surface)
  • 4 nuts (for wood/metal installations)
  • 4 washers (for wood/metal installations)
  • Nut setter (for concrete/brick installations)
  • Level
  • Ladder or scissor lift (optional)

Looking for more details on which hardware and tools you need for your surface? Check out our list of recommendations.

What's Included

  • Mounting plate

Install the Mounting Plate

  1. Determine a loca­tion to mount your cam­era that meets the requirements. Your cam­era will need to be with­in reach of a pow­er source and an eth­er­net port.

    Your camera must be 36-150 feet from the sideline. Aim for 27-87 feet from the ground for an optimal view, and make sure it’s no more than 5 feet to the right or left of the center line. Use our placement guide to find the perfect spot.

  2. Position the mounting plate against your press box or wall with the small arrow on the mounting plate pointing up.

  3. Use a lev­el to straighten the mounting plate and mark the four holes at your mount­ing location.

  4. Drill the four holes for the mounting plate.

  5. Align the mounting plate with the four holes and attach it to the install surface.

    • Option 1: Wood or Metal
      • Attach the mounting plate using the recommended wood/metal combination of screws, washers and nuts.
    • Option 2: Concrete or Brick
      • Attach the mounting plate using the recommended concrete/brick screws and nut setter.
  6. Double-check that the mounting plate is level and fixed to your install surface.