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Complete your Activation

  1. Be sure you have successfully connected to the Hudl Focus Wi-Fi network through the app

  2. Tap continue to begin to position your camera.

  3. Use the Focus app to confirm the camera is angled correctly.

    To adjust the angle of the camera, manually move the sliding latch and knob to tilt the camera until the entire field is in view.

  4. Check that your field lines are visible. If the lines are faded, you will need to repaint them or place cones down every 10 yards on both sidelines and in each corner of the endzones before continuing. The camera will not be activated if the field lines or cones are not clearly visible.

    Make sure that nothing is blocking the camera’s view of the field.

  5. Confirm that your camera view meets all the requirements and tap Complete Setup.

  6. Wait for the information to be sent to Hudl. Once you land on the confirmation screen, tap Close.

  7. From here we will need 24 hours to ensure your camera is ready for filming.

    We will notify you once your camera is ready, thank you for completing activation!