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Alternate Network Solution

Hudl Focus cameras require a wired network connection with internet access and a minimum bandwidth of 5Mbps to function properly. If your venue doesn’t allow for a wired connection, it’s still possible to meet bandwidth requirements through a wireless, point-to-point system—just make sure you’re working with your IT department to find the right system.

We strongly recommend, and only fully support, a hard-wired network connection for Hudl Focus cameras. These solutions were created by other Hudl customers.

Point-to-Point Connection

A point-to-point connection takes an existing network and links it to another network wirelessly. This allows you to connect two or more locations together by positioning devices to communicate with each other via line of sight.


Keep in mind, you’ll need at least two of whichever option you choose to establish a point-to-point connection. These are a couple examples of what we’ve seen work for other Hudl customers:

Any equivalent point-to-point system should also work—talk to your IT department to pick a solution that will work best for you.


To configure your point-to-point setup, we recommend using this map tool beforehand. This will help you find the best location for install to get maximum visibility, range and signal strength.


Depending on the hardware you choose, follow the instructions to make sure you’re correctly installing and connecting your system. To learn more about installing point-to-point connections, check out this video.

Once you get your point-to-point system installed, plug the ethernet cable (the one connected to the Network port on your Hudl Focus camera) into either the router/switch of your venue network or directly into an adapter on your point-to-point system.