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Alternate Installation Solutions

Make sure your install location will not be affected by the wind—if your camera moves at all, it could negatively impact the quality of your video.

Hudl Focus cameras can be installed on any permanent, flat surface that meets our placement requirements. Most Hudl customers install their camera on a wall or the side of their press box, but you can also install it on top of a flat surface, underneath a flat surface or on an angled, flat surface.

If your venue doesn’t have a flat surface that meets our height and distance requirements, you might need some extra information to install. Check out the following dimensions and recommendations—and work with your facility staff to find the best solution for you.

We strongly recommend, and only fully support, standard installations on a permanent wall or press box.

Camera Dimensions

The Hudl Focus camera weighs 16.3 pounds, and measures 19.1 inches in length, 8.4 inches in height, and 13.9 inches in width. Once installed at a certain location, the camera is activated based on the view of the field—movement after install could interfere with how it follows the action. Make sure you are installing on a permanent structure that is stable, weatherproof and supports the weight and size of the camera.

The specific dimensions of the mounting plate can be seen below.