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About Your App

How It Works

The Hudl Focus app can be installed on iOS and Android devices. The app will walk you through installing your camera and getting ready for your first game.

The app is your camera’s command center. From there, you’ll activate your camera, manage recordings, set up livestreams and be alerted of any issues with your device.

What else can I do in the app?

  • Activate your camera
  • Access installation guides
  • Schedule recordings
  • Create a recording on the fly
  • Extend or stop a recording
  • Set up a livestream
  • Manage which teams are recorded
  • Rename your camera
  • Check the status of your camera
  • Troubleshoot any network errors

Tips & Tricks

  • Everyone will need to download the Hudl Focus app to get the camera installed—installers included. They don’t need to be on a Hudl team to install the camera with the app.
  • Make sure all coaches and administrators have the Hudl Focus app. This will allow them to schedule recordings for their own games and practices. If anyone has trouble accessing the camera on the app, log in to and add them as a coach on the team using the camera.
  • If you're a user with access to multiple cameras, swipe down from the top of your screen in the Hudl Focus app to view all cameras.