Send Video from OBS to a Livestream Platform

Now that your broad­cast is up and run­ning, send your video to one of the fol­low­ing livestream plat­forms to share with fans:


  1. Log in to your YouTube account, click on the Camera icon and select Go Live.

  2. Select the Stream icon

  3. Make note of the Stream Key field, you’ll need this lat­er in the set up process.

  4. In OBS, select Settings.

  5. In Settings, click Stream and select YouTube/​YouTube Gaming for the service.

  6. Select Primary YouTube Ingest Server.

  7. Copy the Stream Key from step 3 and paste in the Stream Key field

  8. Click OK.

  9. In OBS, click Start Streaming.

  10. Go back to YouTube and click the cal­en­dar icon, you should now see that you are Live on YouTube.

  11. When fin­ished, click Stop Streaming in OBS.


  1. Log in to your NFHS account and click Add New Event.

  2. In the Event Creation work­flow, tog­gle your event to Manual event and then input all the infor­ma­tion in the text fields that is relat­ed to your event.

  3. Click Add Event.

  4. In the Event Detail tab, make note of the Event ID for future ref­er­ence in this set up process.

  5. In OBS, select Settings.

  6. Select Custom in Service.

  7. Input rtmp:// in Server. This will be the same for all NFHS events.

  8. Enter the Event ID you copied on Step 4 in the Stream Key Field.

  9. Click OK.

  10. Click Start Streaming.

  11. Back in NFHS, click on the cur­rent Live Stream event at the bot­tom of the window.

  12. In the Productions tab, you should now see the event list­ed as HLSStreaming.

  13. Click on Stream Controls.

  14. Click Go on AirAllow 5 – 10 min­utes for your live stream to appear on NFHS Network for pub­lic viewing.

  15. When fin­ished, click Stop Streaming in OBS.


  1. In your Facebook account, click on the Live Video button. 

  2. Click on Use Stream Key and take note of the Stream Key list­ed, you’ll need this lat­er in the set up process.

  3. In OBS, select Settings.

  4. In Settings, click on Stream.

  5. Select Facebook Live for your service.

  6. Select Default for your service. 

  7. Paste the stream key from step 2.

  8. Click OK.

  9. In OBS, click Start Streaming.

  10. Go back to Facebook and you should now see your video feed, click Go Live.

  11. When the event is done click Stop Streaming in OBS or End Live Video in Facebook.

Presto Sports

  1. In OBS, click Settings.

  2. In Service, select Custom.

  3. Enter the URL and Stream Key in their respec­tive fields. If you don’t know your URL and Stream Key, please con­tact Presto Sport support.

  4. Click Apply.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Open Settings

  7. Click Output.

  8. Select Simple for Output Mode. 

    If you are stream­ing in HD, set the video bitrate between 1500 – 2000. The encoder should be set to Software (x264). Audio Bitrate should be set to 96. 

    If you aren’t doing a local record­ing, you can dis­re­gard the Recording section

  9. Click Apply.

  10. Click OK.

  11. Click Start Streaming.

  12. When Finished, click Stop Streaming.