Broadcast with OBS

  1. Open OBS on your computer.

  2. Click the + icon in Sources pan­el to add Hudl Focus as a new cam­era source.

  3. Select Media Source.

  4. Create New should be select­ed. Give the source a name of your choos­ing then click OK.

  5. Uncheck the Local File box.

  6. Uncheck the Restart play­back when source becomes an active box.

  7. Type the URL from the Focus app into the Input field exact­ly as it appears in the Focus app. Stream URLs are case sen­si­tive, do not include any extra spaces or characters.

    If you can’t find where to input your stream URL, make sure you’re on the lat­est ver­sion of the software.

  8. Type rtmp into Input Format field.

  9. Click OK.

  10. Right-click on the source you just added and select Transform > Fit to screen.

Running into issues with your OBS broad­cast soft­ware? Check out the OBS Help Center